Hospice of San Joaquin Grief Support

Hospice of San Joaquin offers grief support to anyone who has experienced the loss of a family member or friend.  Grief support programs are available to the wider San Joaquin community as well as our hospice families.  Grief support groups & programs are designed to help participants understand the experience of grief, develop healthy coping skills, and have opportunities to share feelings with others who have also experienced a loss. They include one-on-one sessions, grief support groups, grief workshops and community events. Grief support groups and programs are free for all to use; donations are accepted and go toward continuing our support programs. 

Most grief support options are hybrid - taking place both virtually over Zoom or at our Stockton office. Some options are available in Lodi. Children's grief support options are also available. 

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Ongoing Support

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Grief Support Groups

Hospice of San Joaquin offers monthly bereavement support groups on an ongoing basis. Support groups will meet for four consecutive weeks. All sessions are In-Person at our Stockton Office or via Zoom, whichever you prefer. Single session meetings are available every other Thursday. 

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Workshops addressing various aspects of grief are held several times throughout the year. Each workshop provides participants with an understanding of the grieving process, skills to better manage grief and an opportunity to share experiences with others who are also grieving.

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Memory Bears

Memory bears are made from the clothing of loved ones and are treasured as a huggable keepsake. Hospice of San Joaquin patient families are eligible to receive a complimentary bear. Bears can be picked up at our Stockton office or mailed. 

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Community Services

Hospice of San Joaquin Bereavement staff offers grief support for members of the community. Educational presentations are available to any professional group, faith-based community, school or civic group in the San Joaquin region.  


Servicios De Apoyo

Hospicio de San Joaquin les ofrece servicios de apoyo en Español para la comunidad. 

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 Ongoing - for patient families only

Full-Circle Aftercare

Hospice of San Joaquin now provides Full-Circle Aftercare, a concierge service that personally walks the family through each step of closing the personal affairs of a deceased loved one.  We encourage all our patient families to take advantage of this program. 

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Save the Date!


Check our calender for all the info on upcoming events and programs from Hospice of San Joaquin. 


Annual Programs

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June 1, 2024

Memorial Service & Butterfly Release

Our Memorial Service gives those who have lost a loved one a chance to reflect on life and death. We end with a butterfly release where participants are encouraged to let their memories and love soar on the wings of beautiful butterflies.

Smiling children in blue shirts hold up crafted caterpillar toys

March 16, 2024

Camp Caterpillar

A child grief day camp experience for children who have had a loved one die within the last two years. The camp's name reminds us that nourishment and hard work of grief can bring a new life, like a caterpillar's journey to becoming a butterfly.

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Saturdays, April 6-27, 2024

Kids Korner

Kids’ Korner is a special little “korner of the world” where grieving kids can share, heal, and grow in a safe, supportive atmosphere with their peers. 

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Saturdays, April 6-27, 2023


A four-week grief support group for school-aged children 9-12 years of age. The group incorporates various tools to help them through their grief journey.

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Saturdays, April 6-27, 2024

Teen to Teen

A four-week grief support group for school-aged teens, addressing how the process of grieving becomes entwined with the numerous challenges teens already face daily. 

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Giving back


There are many ways to support our ongoing grief support efforts. Contact the Bereavement Department at (209) 957-3888 for more information.