Memory Bears

Hospice of San Joaquin invites you to preserve the memory of your loved one with a Memory Bear.  Memory bears are made from the clothing of loved ones and are treasured as a huggable keepsake. Hospice of San Joaquin patient families are eligible to receive a complimentary bear.   Additional bears and ones available to the community are available for a $30 donation per bear. 

Please allow 8-12 weeks for our volunteers to craft your bear. All orders must be pre-paid and are tax deductible. Shipping charges: $10 for the first bear and $5 for each additional.


 Bear Order Form

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of fabric works best to create a memory bear? 

Volunteers will make memory bears from shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, bathrobes, uniforms, fleece, flannel and cotton.  Please note: volunteers cannot work with leather, beaded garments, stretch knits and blankets.    

2. Do fabrics need to be cleaned and pressed? 

Yes, all fabrics need to be cleaned, pressed and without holes.  

3. How much fabric is needed to make a memory bear? 

At least a yard of usable fabric is needed per bear.  

4. What size will the bear be when completed? 

Depending on the fabric used, size will vary.  Most are approximately 14-15 inches in height.  

5. What type of eyes will be used? 

The memory bear created is meant to be a keepsake, not a toy.  While typically buttons from the garment or color coordinated buttons are used, volunteers are happy to not include buttons if the bear will be loved by a child.  Please indicate on the front side of the order form if you do not want buttons.

6. How do I get started? 

Simply fill out the order form on the back side and enclose it with the fabric you would like your memory bear to be made of.  Take it or mail it to:  Hospice of San Joaquin, 3888 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA  95204.