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Children smiling

“Any child old enough to love is old enough to mourn.”

— Alan Wolfelt

Kids Korner

What is Kids Korner?

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                                                                                                         The program is facilitated by our Bereavement Staff: Rita and Paula


We know in the middle of a family crisis, children’s grief can sometimes be forgotten. Kids’ Korner is a special little “korner of the world” where grieving kids can share, heal, and grow in a safe, supportive atmosphere with their peers. 


Activities include:

*Registration is Currently Closed

Pre-registration is required. 


Hospice of San Joaquin offers several teen and children grief support programs. These programs are specialized to open communication channels that allow specialized support to those in need. To accommodate families, Kids Korner meets at the same time as our Teen to Teen program.


Additional Support

Children who are grieving the loss of a loved one may receive support from their local school. These support programs are available in conjunction with the school counselors and are based on the needs of the student body. One on one support is available at Hospice of San Joaquin’s campus on a limited basis.


Question call our Bereavement Services (209) 957-3888