Family and caregiver support at Hospice of San Joaquin is as important as patient care. The Bereavement Team supports the community, after the death of the patient and can include families from our community that have also experienced a loss, but did not have their loved one in our services.

Helping Hospice of San Joaquin with the bereavement program consists of reaching out to the community via follow-up phone calls. Some volunteers may also act as a facilitator for some support groups under the supervision of the Bereavement Supervisor. Support groups include children, teens and adult.

Requirements for being a Bereavement volunteer include the Hospice patient care training; a training consisting of a series of programs. This program will give you an overall total of 24 hours of training and maybe offered at Hospice of San Joaquin’s, Barbara Tognoli Administration Building or at a partner agency campus in San Joaquin County. Additional Bereavement training of up to 5 hours is also required. Training is offered twice a year, with one program in the Spring and the second during the Fall seasons. Spring program is offered in the evening to accommodate those volunteers still working or unable to attend during the day.

There is also a specific bereavement quarterly team meeting for ongoing education.