Volunteer Information

Volunteers are an integral part of the hospice team.  Our specially trained team of men and women offer their loving hearts and listening ears to meet the special needs of our hospice patients and their families.  Some of the special needs of the family and patient include Companionship, Emotional Support, Practical Support, and Respite Care.

Volunteers provide patients with Companionship  through sharing life stories, reading to the patient, playing board games, etc…; with Emotional Support by listening to the patient or family in order to help them deal with the day-to-day stresses of a life threatening illness; with Practical Support by running errands, shopping for a patient or family, or performing simple tasks around the home; and with Respite Care by helping carry out caregiver tasks and focusing on the daily living needs of the patient.  Our volunteers do not provide hands-on care or dispense medications.

If you are interested in volunteering, please call Hospice of San Joaquin

Download Volunteer orientation flyer.

Volunteer Work

There are many different ways you can help at the Hospice of San Joaquin.  Volunteers can work directly with patients, serve in administrative roles, and participate in group projects.  Some of the positions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Administrative/Office Volunteer
    Administrative/Office Volunteers can perform a large variety of administrative work, including helping to create pamphlets, answering phone calls, and/or performing other administrative task work (i.e. organizing office documents, making copies, etc…)
  1. Direct Patient Volunteer
    Direct Patient Volunteers can participate in any one of the following programs:
  1. Group Projects Volunteer
    Group Projects Volunteers can choose to  work on group projects, such as taking part in group mailings that raise awareness for hospice, making gift baskets for donors, or helping at community events organizing and planning holiday activities.


Volunteer training classes, which are mandatory for all volunteers, are available twice a year in February and October .  The goal of the training program is to teach our volunteers how to work with terminally ill patients, to provide support to the family of the patients, and to be familiar with the signs of oncoming illness or death. Our direct patient volunteers must participate in a training program that consists of 6 different classes, each lasting 3 hours.  Topics covered are: History & Philosophy of Hospices, History of Hospice of San Joaquin, Understanding terminal illness, Death & Dying issues, Grief & Loss, Communication and Listening skills, Pain management , and Family Dynamics.  All classes take place in the Large Conference Room of our administrative office, located at 3888 Pacific Ave. Stockton, CA.

Those volunteers that wish to help out behind the scenes in our administrative office or who wish to take part in special group projects only need to participate in the orientation portion of Hospice Training.

Special Programs

Veteran-to-Veteran Program:  This program matches a veteran volunteer with a patient who has a military background because the patient and volunteer have similar backgrounds and share common experiences.  The Veteran to Veteran Program is a great way for our veteran volunteers to connect with their veteran patients

Every Life Matters: Volunteers of this program provide company and comfort to patients who may not have any family to be with them in the final hours of life.  Providing comfort care until the end of life is the main goal of hospice: We believe no one should fade alone.

Volunteer Speaker’s Bureau: These Volunteers share information about programs and special services available from Hospice of San Joaquin at local clubs, groups, schools or civic events.