What is Transitions?

Transitions is a community service program whose main goal is to ‘make life a little easier’ for individuals facing advancing chronic or life limiting illness.  It is professionally managed, volunteer based and designed to help individuals navigate the physical, emotional and social challenges that often occur with serious illness.  Transitions services include practical assistance, support and information- no hands on nursing care is provided.  Transitions services are offered at no cost to community residents and their family.

What services are provided?  
Visits to home or facility and/or bi-weekly calls
Emotional and spiritual support
Breaks for family and caregivers (respite care)

Disease information (handouts if needed) and clarification of goals for care
Advance Healthcare Directive and/or POLST form information
Guidance in discussing health concerns with care providers or family members
Community resource information

Help with errands
Reading and writing correspondence support
Household organization assistance
Pet companionship

4. Participant or family information is maintained in the strictest confidence according to Hospice of San Joaquin HIPAA privacy practices.

5. Se Habla Español

6. Transitions Participants are not obligated to go to Hospice of San Joaquin

Who qualifies for Transitions services?

  • Residents of San Joaquin County or neighboring communities serviced by Hospice of San Joaquin
  • Individuals who are 18 years of age
  • Individuals who are diagnosed with advancing chronic or life limiting illness and are under the care of their physician
  • Individuals who are pursuing curative or palliative treatment
  • Individuals who are not yet ready to make a decision for hospice care

How to access service?

Anyone can refer to Hospice of San Joaquin Transitions Program.  The individual or person able to speak on his/her behalf must understand the terms of the program and provide authorization for services.  The Transitions Coordinator or designee will perform an initial assessment and a service plan will be developed.  A referral to other resources may be offered—at any time—if a higher level of care is required.

For referral information or questions, please call Hospice of San Joaquin Transitions Department @ (209) 957-3888.