Community Services - Hospice of San Joaquin

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On-Site Services


For Adults

The Hospice of San Joaquin Bereavement support team is available for training and crisis support to members of the community. Educational presentations are available to any professional group,  faith-based community, school or civic group.  Topics can be tailored to fit the need of the organization.  Examples of topics offered are understanding grief, how to help the bereaved, coping during the holidays and spirituality and loss.  

Crisis intervention upon request. Please contact the Bereavement Department (209) 957-3888.


For Children

Hospice of San Joaquin Bereavement staff is available to lead a grief support group on local school campuses. Groups typically last 4 or 5 weeks. Activities are tailored to meet the group’s needs. These groups are arranged through school counselors or principals as the need arises. Short term or crisis intervention is also available to help schools.





Contact Bereavement Services for availability (209) 957-3888