Coping with Grief During COVID-19


Coping with grief and practicing self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic,

We know too well, grief is difficult and challenging to cope with, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Self-quarantine, social-distancing, working from home, and being seperated from your loved ones can draw feelings of isolation. It is important to care for yourself and others around you during this time.


Remember to take walks or go on jogs, eat a healthy and balanced meal, and find producitve things to do around the house. 


--Every person who comes into our lives makes our heart grow fuller. Who makes a difference in your life? Do they know how much they mean to you? When we show gratitude and kindness, we let others know they’re appreciated. We’ve rounded up our favorite activities from Sesame Street in Communities that you can use to show a little love.

Check out these five printables to help you show kindness to others:

“I Love You Because” Garden. Talk with children about the little things you love about others. Use this printable to remind children how much they are loved.

Heart Pocket. This activity helps children remember that they do not lose their memories when they’re separated from those they love—they carry memories in their hearts.

From My Heart to Yours. Family members help each other in many ways each day. Let’s celebrate them.

The Things We Do Together. Spending time together is a great way to savor the simple moments. Print this page to create a “together time” book.

Everyday Conversation Cards. Conversations help us get to know one another, building trust and friendship. These conversation cards can help spark conversations during everyday routines.

If you are still having trouble coping with grief or would like further assistance, please contact (209) 957-3888 and a member of our Bereavement Department can assist you.