Choosing a Hospice Provider - Hospice of San Joaquin

Choosing a hospice provider

Six things you should know when choosing a hospice provider:

Not-for-profit status and 20 or more years of experience.

Here at Hospice of San Joaquin we are proud to have served San Joaquin County for 35 years and will continue to provide quality hospice care regardless of ability to pay. You can reach hospice staff around the clock to get the answers and care you and your loved ones need. Our Transitions program can work to explain your options as you near the end of life but are not yet ready to enter into hospice services. The Hospice House provides a home away from home for patients that can no longer stay in their own homes. Our team works diligently in the community to serve the needs of our patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We work closely with Medicare and private insurance companies to get you everything you will need to live the end of life to the fullest.'

When you or a loved one needs hospice services, give the oldest non-profit hospice in San Joaquin County a call. Call Hospice of San Joaquin (209) 957-3888.

Source: Consumer Reports - How to find a good Hospice Program